Below is a rundown of the process we will follow, the stages where you will hear from us with information and advice, and the people we will introduce you to along the way. There are a lot of things to think about and a lot of information to take in during this process, so we are careful to provide you with the information that is relevant to you at each stage of the process.

We take a team approach to giving you the Roost Boost so you can expect to hear from different team members during the journey.

Working with Roost

We’ll provide you with an overview of the advice service we offer and other information relevant to your choice of Roost as your Financial Advice Provider, including how we are paid. You can access this information anytime on our website. We’ll expect that you have read and understood this information before you engage our services.

Nature and scope of advice and terms of engagement

We’ll outline the terms of our engagement and will discuss and agree on the nature and scope of advice and service that we’re providing you.

We’ll let you know what (if any) fees that may apply. We’ll ask you to exclusively engage our services by signing our scope of service and terms of engagement document.

Fact find and needs analysis

We’ll gather the information we need from you to be able to advise and assist you. We can either do this at our office, or you can upload your documentation to an encrypted client portal we will set up for you.

Game Plan

We’ll complete our analysis, and let you know which lender(s) we plan to approach to provide formal approval and offers, and the loan amount to be requested, and we’ll make sure you’re on board with this plan.


We’ll work to deliver your conditional loan approval(s) and help you to understand and meet the conditions of the approvals within the required timeframe so we can deliver your unconditional approval(s) so you can commit to your purchase or project.

Referral to Maddison Financial Services for personal insurance advice

We'll introduce you to Maddison Financial Services so they can help you arrange your personal insurance.

Referral to Rothbury for fire and general insurance advice

We’ll introduce you to Rothbury so they can help you arrange your property insurance.

Referral to for your foreign currency and cross border transfer

We'll introduce you to so they can help you arrange your foreign currency transfer (if this is required).

Lender offer, product and structure options overview and discussion

We’ll provide you with a detailed overview and analysis of the products, structure options, rates and terms offered by each of the selected lenders, along with the benefits and risks of each in the context of your circumstances.

We'll help you select the best lender and loan structure for you.

Provider, product and structure confirmation and your authority to proceed

We’ll confirm your choice of lender and loan structure with you.

We’ll disclose any relevant commissions and fees that Roost will be paid applicable to the lending option selected and any referrals made.

We’ll disclose any relevant commission clawback fees that you will need to pay to us should the loan be repaid within 28 months.

We’ll get your written agreement to the above and ask for your authority to proceed with implementation.


We’ll implement the agreed solution when we’ve received your authority to proceed.


We’ll agree when we will review your new loan.